There are any number of people offering workshops in photography these days, and the choice is possibly a little bewildering. Who to choose? What's included? What will you teach me and how? What do you offer after the workshop?


Well I hope to answer some of those questions here.


So why me?

Well I hope you like my photographs for a start! After that I can offer 12 years of teaching experience. I have taught Art in a secondary School for all of that time, which covers Art history, and a variety of artistic practices including photography. I am CRB checked, and follow a strict professional conduct. I have lived in Cornwall all my life, and know it in intimate detail. That counts for a lot I feel, where time is precious, and you want local knowledge to suit the situation. I have passionately and intensively photographed this beautiful local Landscape for the last 6 years and on and off for the last 22 years. I have successfully run a large number of workshops now, and the feedback has been very positive. Many have gone on to great things!

I have been runner up in the World wide Digital Camera Photographer of the year with two images, one in the B&W and and one in the Landscape categories respectively, which had over 110,000 entries. I have been the featured photographer with the prestigious OnLandscape online magazine here.  I wrote regular articles for the Landscape Photography Magazine, which has a huge monthly readership and also had a 5 page article about my experience shooting the Northern Lights.

I have my images on sale as cards across the country in Waterstones and similar shops.

I also firmly believe that a workshop can only do so much, and therefore I do a variety of things to help participants after the event. I will happily review images you have taken after a workshop, giving you useful critical feedback. I also supply you with a variety of material including links to websites for inspiration, technical information and will recap information shared on the day. This all helps you to improve your photography for the longer term. That aftercare, is not something everyone offers, and I like to think I make the day fun, engaging and relaxed.


How many people?

I offer workshops for up to 5 people at any one time and normally lead 1 to 1 workshops with individuals. If I have teamed up with another photographer, then 10 would people be the maximum.


How Much?

I charge £90 for a half day session that will last at least 4 hours. This is typically from the afternoon into sunset but can be from sunrise if preferred.

There are discounts for larger groups for half a day as follows...

(2 people would cost £80 each)

(3-5 people would cost £70 each)


I charge £160 for a full day of over 8 hours shooting with breaks for breakfast, drinks and lunch.

(2 people would cost £140 each)

3 people £120 each)

(4-5 people just £110 each)

I am happy to arrange more than a full day with you individually with a reduction in price. This is arranged individually for each situation.


What's included?

A typical workshop will include personal tuition tailored to your needs, whether you are just starting out, or have already gained some experience.

I can help you with both the approach to making a better digital photograph, as well as the more technical aspects of using the camera to its maximum ability. I am happy to help you with any aspect of photography which you feel you would like help with. I let workshop participants try out some of my own equipment to help them decide whether they think they need or would want to upgrade there own kit bag with lenses and filters. This can save you an enormous amount of time and money. I offer an aftercare service to help you carry on developing, and give advise on the post processing of images.


What's is not included?

Food and drink is not included in the price unless stated otherwise.

I do not offer insurance, so if you have an injury, I am not liable.

I do not provide wet weather clothing or footwear, that's up to you.

Typically a pair of decent wellies or boots, a raincoat and hat are what we need.

You need to bring your own camera and tripod, filters and lenses if you have them. Don't be put off by your own kit, modern cameras are quite amazing!

Longer journeys might incur a travel expense depending on the location. Typically anything up to 30 miles away is free.



I might well have advertised a specific date, but often I arrange workshops on an individual basis when someone gets in touch with me here on my website. We would then work out what time is going to be appropriate for us, and see what the tides and weather are doing for our chosen location. I am happy to move dates if the weather turns really bad, but otherwise we need to stick to our chosen date that we have mutually agreed. Normally a weekend.



Unless advertised as a specific location, I will either arrange a location based on my local knowledge of an area, taking in to account tide times, sunrise and sunset times and accessibility or you might have a particular location in mind. I am more familiar with the South and West of Cornwall, but can arrange a workshop further afield but will not know that area as well. I am an advocate for reacting to your given situation though, so this does not pose too much of a problem.


Please contact me if you have any questions, I would be very happy to help. I hope to see you soon!